About The Series

Brick and mortal video stores are a dying breed. Except for Tracker's 24 Hour Rental, kept alive by a steady diet of meth, mayhem and mental illness. It's a front for failed gangsters running brain-damaged scams, a den of iniquity for dollar store debauchery, a cesspool fermenting into enough prison wine to kick off a Roman orgy in a homeless shelter.

Welcome to Tracker's 24 Hour Rental. Whether you're looking for cult classics, underground porn or stepped-on street drugs, you're in the right place.

24 HOUR RENTAL is a brand new 30-minute comedy halfway between Clerks and Sopranos, targeted to everyone from 18 year old gore-hounds watching skull fractures on World Star Hiphop to baby boomers raised on SNL and National Lampoon. With a sense of humour so dark it swallows suns, the show turns taboos inside out-dispensing savage social satire, acerbic film criticism, surreal violence and endless surprise and shock. With 13 episodes already commissioned, a second season in the pipeline and a hard-hitting promotional web campaign, the series has the viral potential of the swine flu.

Store owner TRACKER was once the prince of the underworld, a Mafia leader living the high life of champagne, cocaine and organized crime. But a bad gambling habit drained the family's coffers, and the prince found himself deposed and disgraced. Now in professional exile, his video store operates as a staging ground for a host of petty crimes, from fencing stolen goods to peddling biker dope cut with Drano and desperation.

Thankfully, he's surrounded himself with a crew of degenerates to make his fall from grace as anarchic as a burning rollercoaster. Ace, his right hand man and alpha male in waiting, cooks dope with the finesse of a flipper baby. Buzz, an alcoholic ex-cop, helps Tracker run his scams in exchange for first dibs on the filthy porn clogging the store shelves like blood clots. Floyd, Tracker's oldest friend, treats his cab as a mobile brothel for his prostitute wife, Jaime. And poor Sam and JR, the store's long-suffering clerks, are maybe the only people who actually care about renting videos. It's all a precarious balance of misfits and madness. And when Tracker's gambling debt gets called in by Junior, the vicious son of Eastern European crime boss Khvisto, everything collapses into chaos.

Edgy, dark and as twisted as a hangman's noose, 24 HOUR RENTAL is as sick as it is insightful, satirizing society, corporate pop culture and the concept of the criminal anti-hero. Forget gallows humour. This is comedy two weeks after the execution.