Vision Statement

Fuck heroes.

That's a line from our show, but it's also our philosophy. At least when it comes to TV and movie heroes. Breaking Bad is five wonderful seasons of methed-out misery porn.

The good guys in Sons of Anarchy are gunrunners fighting drug dealers, which means we're basically staring at a prison riot and pretending it's one of Aesop's fables. Dexter wore a threadbare cloak of moral justification like the skin of a dead hooker. And people still keep watching Scarface not to absorb its message of power and corruption but as a primer to pimping their assault weapons with gold plate and diamond studs.

So we screwed around with our own heroes. We didn't make a gangster show. We made a show about gangster shows, about anti-heroes, about the violently erotic tingles we get whenever The Sopranos comes on. We made a parody that takes familiar gangster themes and bloats them to the point of absurdity. And when they pop like blisters, we hope the bloody spray tickles your funny bone. Because it's a comedy, right? We're trying to do satire here, not preach. Even if we tried to get on a soapbox, it'd be full of the lye serial killers use to dissolve bodies. You're supposed to laugh. Or at least gag in a way that sounds like a chuckle.

Yeah, so maybe we got a little carried away. Maybe the dildo dungeons and the black magic murders were a bit of a stretch, and we're not sure how our probation officers are going to feel about the part with the porn star and the dead squid. But the point of our show is not just to amuse, but shock, in the purest sense of the word. We're going for the comedy of outrage, hoping to irritate the same people who hate Louis CK, Daniel Tosh and Dave Chappelle. We want to jolt your system, hit your conscience in the teeth. We try to keep things light, sure, but sometimes a claw hammer is a lot more effective than a dainty touch. This is social satire, incisive and brutal, Jonathan Swift slit open with rusty scalpels.

It's not subtle. But that's the idea. Pop culture's already full of all kinds of racist, violent, sexist bullshit, all crammed into every half-hour of 2 Broke Girls or whatever else is passing itself off as edgy on primetime. Satirizing that worship of cruelty, misanthropy and amorality means going as far as you can without accidentally slapping a laugh track on a hate crime.

So, we ended up with a pretty nasty black comedy, and we've got no problem with that. But don't get us wrong. This isn't the kind of show that bitches that "political correctness" has gone too far-the only people who say that are CEOs pissed off they can't molest their secretaries at the staff Christmas party anymore. We want you to be offended when you laugh - and think about what's pissing you off. We want you to love our anti-heroes-and feel just a little ashamed about it. And we want you to have fun. Horrible, terrifying, anarchic, weird and sadistic fun. Think of it as an amusement park where all the carnies are serial killers on bad acid. It might not always be pleasant, but it's going to be a hell of a ride.

So fuck heroes. There aren't any of them here.