Characters - ACE

A low-level street hustler, Tracker's second in command, Patrick "Ace" Doyle, is essentially a TuPac album wrapped in a track suit and flea-market jewellery. Or at least he thinks he is.

Ace comes from a long line of petty criminals from the west end Irish mob. To his family, he's a bit of a disappointment, having abandoned his family's traditional careers in car theft and house robbery for the flash and easy money of drug dealing. By grade five, he was selling cigarettes to the kids who wore Metallica t-shirts, and was dealing weed by grade seven. In his sophomore year of high school, he was expelled for blowing up the chemistry lab in the first of many botched attempts to cook meth.

After getting kicked out of school, he began a regimen of 'self-education,' moulding himself into a moronic, right-wing conspiracy theorist who gets confused by newspaper articles. Imagine The X-Files crossed with Glenn Beck.

For a couple of years, Ace cooked dope for various gangs, which is how he met Sergeant Detective "Buzz" Berger. But he decided to move out of the risky world of high volume and deal on a smaller scale. Through Buzz, Ace met Tracker, and a partnership of convenience was born. In exchange for kicking a cut of the profits up to Tracker, Ace uses 24 Hour Rental as a base of operations, serving customers by hiding bags of dope in DVD cases, like Easter Eggs that give you meth mouth instead of cavities. Ace sometimes acts like he owns the place, and has an antagonistic relationship with Sam, the store's young, de-facto manager. But Tracker likes the fact that the two are kept in line by constantly informing on each other, and tolerates Ace's behaviour because he needs his percentage.

Despite his idiocy and occasional flirtation with incompetence, Ace has delusions of grandeur. He fancies himself a criminal mastermind and a brilliant, creative businessman, and is occasionally frustrated that he's limited to small scale schemes. This combination of ambition, idiocy, and arrogance frequently puts Ace in uncontrollable-and ultimately dangerous-situations.