Characters - BUZZ

Late 40s, dishevelled, very tall, and smells like a mouldy distillery.

Sam "Buzz" Showers is the most, shall we say, amorous man you'll ever meet. Good thing his alcoholism dulls his libido, or he'd have long since been arrested for exposing himself to lingerie billboards.

It's hard to believe it now that cough syrup cocktails have turned his frontal lobe into a roofied Jello shot, but Buzz was once a straight A student. Granted, it was grade school, but he showed a strong aptitude for science, physics, math, the kind of subjects that require discipline and logic-perfect for a future detective.

Then, puberty hit, and he discovered the wonderful world of his right hand, and his textbooks where cast aside in favour of one handed literature and balled-up tissues. He enrolled in a semester of university, but his mother's endless warnings that constant self-love would lead to vision problems caused him to quit reading and drop out of school.

Lost and aimless, Buzz followed his dick, which led him to a job bouncing at a strip club full of the kind of women who sucked their work visas out of a crooked customs agent. That's when he had his first encounter with the cops. But not by getting busted. By paying them off. That's when Buzz realized that the police force was flush with the opportunities for debauchery and debasement he so craved.

His street smarts and size gave him an edge over his fellow officers, and he quickly joined the vice squad, where he soon learned that a few favours for the right people led directly to free booze, free blow and free love. Buzz's beat was Tracker's old neighbourhood, and the two soon became fast friends. This caused Buzz to pick up Tracker's gambling addiction like a bad cold, leading to even more brazen corruption, and the unwanted attention of Internal Affairs. Luckily for Buzz, he'd collected plenty of dirt on his superiors and fellow detectives. So, instead of a prison term, he was simply forced into retirement with a full pension.

Now, Buzz lives a life of leisure, or a rough, perverted approximation thereof, spending most of his time drunk. He's still got contacts on the force, which he exploits regularly to help keep Tracker under the radar. Age has made him no less of a compulsive self-lover and porn addict, so Tracker's steady supply of increasingly deviant material has transformed 24 Hour Rental into Buzz's Mecca, or at least his methadone clinic.