Characters - FLOYD

Late 30s, chunky, medium height, mousy light brown hair.

Having met him in high school, Floyd Berger is Tracker's oldest friend.

When Tracker abandoned formal education in favour of organized crime, Floyd, a Torah school superstar, made the responsible choice and went on to complete a university degree in comparative religion and philosophy. Which essentially ensured a life of marginal employment.

He eventually found work as the driver for an escort agency, where he met his future wife, Jaime, then a novice hooker. Always a thrifty girl, she paid Floyd with sex instead of cash, and soon developed an affection for her young driver.

Despite its humble origins, their romance blossomed with surprising sweetness, like a young adult romance novel written by the Marquis de Sade. But the good times didn't last forever. Replaced by a younger generation of escorts, Jaime left the agency. She invested her savings in a cab license for Floyd, but his earnings still left them struggling. So, Jamie began using the vehicle as a mobile brothel to save money on motel rooms. Not that Floyd minds; he's a bit of a voyeur, and gets a kick from watching his wife manipulate her clients. Jaime has proved to be a glutton for work, which allows Floyd the luxury of spending more time with Tracker.

While Tracker's certainly fallen on hard times, Floyd still looks up to the ex-mobster. He's long envied the attention and respect Tracker's enjoyed over the years, and views Tracker's current lifestyle as downright glamorous compared to driving his wife from parking lots to back alleys while listening to her complain about their finances. Always desperate to prove his worth, he's been trying to involve himself in Tracker's schemes for years, with mixed success. Though Tracker does care for his friend, Floyd's taken for granted, and spends most of his time as either a gopher or a chauffeur.