Characters - jaime

Sure, Jaime's in the twilight of her career, her halcyon days of entertaining groups of Japanese businessmen long behind her. But years of practice have ensured that her skills are unparalleled. She may have lost a measure of flexibility, and the lines around her mouth may be deeper than they once were. But close your eyes and you'll feel like you've made a pit stop in heaven's rub and tug.

Jaime entered the workforce as a Costco cashier. But after discovering that she could make more money with the natural talents she perfected while practicing with the high school football team,, she moved into adult entertainment. It's then that she met Floyd, a part-time driver at an escort agency, and the young man soon fell in love. And since Floyd was funny, worshipped the ground she walked on, and liked to watch her work, jaime slowly began returning the feeling.

But as she aged, Jaime's control over her independent, take-charge nature diminished, as did her popularity at the agency, and she quit before her 30th birthday.

In her time as an escort, Jaime cultivated a demure, subservient facade. Which is the exact opposite of her real life persona-best described as a hydra mixed with a train whistle. She's bold and brassy, and harbours neither shame about her chosen occupation, nor tolerance for anyone who dares to pass judgement. In fact, she's so open about her profession that the banality of her frequent complaints about everything from razor burn to condom prices make her almost indistinguishable from an endearingly crabby, lower-middle class factory worker.

At home, Jaime is somewhat of a conservative housewife, kind of like a cross between Martha Stewart and Julia Child, making it all the more surprising that she once gave the entirety of Aerosmith's road crew road rash. She bickers with Floyd almost constantly, but make no mistake-she loves him, and he loves her.

Her dream is to relocate from the cold northern winters to someplace warm, perhaps Florida. There, she plans on opening a swinger's club with Floyd, where they can live a relaxed, hedonistic lifestyle. But Floyd's puppy-dog allegiance to Tracker is standing in her way. And if there's one thing that Jaime can't stand, it's being held back.