Characters - JR

JR was not hired at 24 Hour Rental for his social skills, because he doesn't have any. He's aggressively obsessive compulsive, nerdily sarcastic, and autistic in that annoying way where he's really good at math but sometimes bites people. But he does have an encyclopaedic knowledge of film.

He's been working at 24 Hour Rental to support himself through his Film Studies degree, but he's much happier at work than he is at school. He does not have the friendliest relationship with Sam-or anybody, for that matter-but his value to maintaining the store's front as a repository for rare cinematic treasures isn't lost on anyone.

He's a real film snob, of course, which coupled with his temperament gives him the general disposition of a particularly judgemental Rain Man. JR dreams of being a filmmaker, and might have some talent for it, if he could get along with anyone long enough to get actors in front of a camera.