Characters - KHVISTO

The head of a Balkan crime family, Khvisto is remarkably personable for a guy who used to commit war crimes before lunch. When his homeland devolved into civil war, Khvisto took the opportunity to build a strong, vicious power base, which he brought with him when he immigrated to North America. Here, he runs one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the city, along with a very successful deli.

But he's getting old and tired, and he feels it's time for him to retire and leave the business in the hands of his crueller, colder son, Junior.

Though Khvisto is capable of much malice, he does have an old school approach to conducting business, maintaining face-to-face relationships with many of his associates and customers. Granted, this often leads to one of those faces being disfigured, but there's some measure of honour involved. Over the years, Khvisto has developed a pseudo-friendship with Tracker. The two men have become reasonably close, or as close as two men can get when one is perpetually threatening to mutilate the other over gambling debts.