Characters - LOUISE

If blue-collar working girl Jaime is the sex trade equivalent of a Walmart greeter, then Louise is a manager at Saks. A high-class call girl, she initially entered the industry as a way to pay for a degree in environmental science.

Unsurprisingly, that degree never got finished. Louise came from humble beginnings, raised by a single mother who worked as an aesthetician. While in university, the gorgeous Louise got a job working as a hostess at a casino. There, she met Tracker, during the days when he gambled with wads of mob money. They got to know each other, and Tracker eventually introduced her to some of his business associates in the escort industry. Soon, the big money, society parties, and doting clientele proved intoxicating to young Louise, and she gave up her dreams of higher education after talking Tracker into helping her set up her own agency.

But let's not feel too sorry for her. This is the life she's chosen for herself, and she's got no regrets. Though she's since sold her stake in the escort agency, she has a beautiful condominium, an exclusive list of pleasant regulars, and a wardrobe full of designer clothes enough for three seasons of Sex and the City. Louise has full control over her life, her money, and her career-giving her a freedom her mother never had. That independence comes at a price, however. While she's not embarrassed by her lifestyle, her social circle is limited. She has no close friends, and no family to speak of. She's lonely, but keeping everyone at arm's length keeps it from overpowering her. After all, if she doesn't reach out, she can't be rejected.

One of her first clients was, of course, Tracker. As time went on, his visits became more regular, and the side of him that rarely shows through the bluster-the warmer Tracker that takes care of Sam-began to grow on Louise. Soon, they were essentially a couple, in every sense but the one where you bring Pretty Woman home to mother and make it official. They began to confide in each other, communicating in ways that would leave them painfully open with anyone else. Tracker goes to his mother for advice, but to Louise for release, emotional as well as physical.

But as Tracker's fortunes fell, his income shrank to the point where a night of Louise's company would ensure he spent at least three weeks eating dog food in an apartment without electricity. Louise, however, depends on Tracker's companionship as much as he relies on her own, and has dropped her rates accordingly.

Still, the business aspect of their relationship remains. Even the token fee Tracker pays, which essentially amounts to whatever he's got in his pockets that isn't needed to keep Khvisto from turning him into a hunting trophy, is enough to keep either of them admitting they have a genuine relationship.

While Louise would gladly give up her career and her lifestyle to be with Tracker, she's worried that crossing that line from escort to girlfriend will leave her vulnerable for the first time in her life.