Characters - PAUL

Paul Ford is a self-made man, a hard-working, blue collar guy who made something of himself with only his determination, dedication, and a $750 000 inheritance from his late father, a former municipal politician who ran on platforms that closely resembled the scaffolding outside 19th century debtors' prisons.

For Paul, high school was spent sitting on the bench of the varsity football team, trying to convince girls at parties that his impressive bulk was in fact an athlete's build, rather than the result of arteries that look like they can fit a Twinkie floating down a river of beer. Whatever prestige he garnered from being a third string defensive end was parlayed into bullying and beating nerds, geeks and losers, who he defined as anyone who didn't act like Chris Farley in the middle of a drug seizure.

After he graduated, Paul attempted a semester of community college-Kinesiology-before dropping out and spending his dad's money on booze, signed Ti-Cats memorabilia and various bribes to quash DUIs. But when his father died, Paul decided it was time to shape up. He lost some weight and started a video store, focusing on the kinds of movies that mark act breaks with car crashes.

Hollywood Hits was a success. But then 24 Hour Rental moved in. The neighborhood wasn't exactly Beverly Hills to begin with, but when Tracker brought his hoods-and the steady stream of addicts, thieves and hookers that followed in their wake-any hope of gentrification was mugged, stabbed and left in a puddle of blood and hepatitis in a back alley.

So, Paul's looking to get Tracker out, clean up the neighbourhood. And maybe after, having made a real difference in the community, he'll turn his attention to municipal politics, fighting for the little guy, provided the little guy is white, rich and likes football.