Characters - SAM

Sam Hamilton's been working at 24 Hour Rental longer than he'd care to admit. But compared to where he came from, he's got nothing to be ashamed of.

Born in Jamaica, Sam's parents immigrated to Canada when he was 4 years old, seeking to escape a life of crime and hopeless poverty. But simply swapping climates didn't make them any richer or wiser. It just made them a bit colder and slightly grouchier, leading to assault and weapons charges, and a deportation order.

Sam, however, was horrified of leaving his life behind for the forgotten shores of Jamaica. He ran away from home at the age of 12, dropping out of school and hitting the streets to avoid immigration officials.

It's then that he met Tracker, who at the time was still a major Mafia player. Sam was one of the kids Tracker would hire to take care of small stuff: making deliveries, running numbers, that sort of thing.

Tracker quickly took a shine to Sam, who has always displayed a natural intelligence. When he left the crime family and opened the store, he took Sam along with him.

Sam is obsessed with personal grooming and Sammy Davis Jr. Always nattily dressed his personal style is an homage to his idol, the coolest cat in the Rat Pack.

Sam has become the de-facto manager of 24 Hour Rental, since Tracker's usually too busy haemorrhaging money to pay much attention to the store's day-to-day business. And while Sam doesn't have a formal education in cinema, he's got a real fanboy's love of film, in contrast to the film school pretension of his co-worker JR, and he takes a fierce pride in the video store. The fact that Tracker pays in cash doesn't hurt either, and this is pretty much the only place Sam can work without fear of being sent back to Jamaica to get shot in the head during a dancehall skirmish.

Sam's both taken and dished out a few knocks in his youth. So when it comes to the various boorish thugs that surround Tracker-the kind of guys who communicate in dick jokes and whistling through missing teeth-he can definitely hold his own. Especially with Ace, who he hates. But with women, particularly new employee Sarah, his confidence withers like a dying slug.

Of all the people in Tracker's world, Sam's probably the most content. He loves the store, and Tracker's long since become a surrogate father. Once he meets Sarah, he's starting to feel like he's exactly where he wants to be. But he's under no illusions: he's an illegal immigrant working for a criminal, and things could fall apart at any minute.