Characters - SARAH

Sarah Wasikowska is originally from Vancouver. A metalhead, she met her guitarist boyfriend Myles at an Iskra concert. But as she quickly learned, a crust punk show is a better place to get an infection than a life partner, and things didn't turn out to be the fairytale romance she had anticipated. They soon began arguing over money, and the fact that heroin addict Myles spent most of his time either dopesick or passing out during guitar solos.

Though their relationship is clearly doomed, it's also sickeningly co-dependent. She does love him, and believes that beneath his drug-fuelled temper and apathy, he's a talented musician. Sarah is a strong woman, making her interactions with Myles occasionally fiery, but she can't quite bring herself to leave him. Even when he drags her across the country when fleeing a drug debt.

They're new in the city, and while Myles struggles to make a living as a musician, he sends Sarah out to start stripping at local clubs. But Sarah's revolted by the idea, which is why she jumps at the chance to work at 24 Hour Rental.

Sarah's a nice girl. But she's been through some tough times, and doesn't take shit from anyone. Eventually, she hopes to leave Myles and build a new life for herself in the big city. But she misses her family terribly, and that loneliness leads to insecurity and fear.