Characters - THE DON

Tracker's younger brother, Donatello, lived much of his early life in Tracker's shadow. Tracker was older, smarter, and more charismatic, while Donatello was a little more sensitive and a lot more insecure.

Part of that insecurity stems from the fact that Donatello is gay, which he refuses to admit even to himself. It's no secret to anyone and everyone who works for him, of course, but Donatello still hides behind a veneer of alpha male heterosexuality. Or at least he tries to. Imagine Adam Lambert in an MMA fight.

He became even more insistent upon maintaining that front when he became the head of the family. It was a few years after taking control that he met the Mistress, while at a swingers club trying to involve himself in a threesome with at least one other guy.

At first, Donatello was interested in the Mistress only as a beautiful trophy girlfriend to 'prove' his manliness. But the Mistress had other ideas. Not only is the woman deranged, she's insatiably power-hungry. And her dominant personality has easily taken control of Donatello, especially since regularly romancing him with marital aids and poppers keeps him placated. Essentially, the poor Don has become nothing but a puppet to an evil, demented sadist.