Characters - THE MISTRESS

Not much is known about the Mistress' past, and she likes to keep it that way. We do know that she runs fetish clubs and underground sex dungeons around the city.

We also know that she's completely nuts. Like body-parts-in-the-freezer, soup-spoon-made-out-of-a-femur nuts. And she's getting worse.

With her various business ventures, the Mistress is used to playing dominatrix to the rich and famous, from politicians to business men. She's managed to wrap more than a few around her little finger over the years, exerting a power not unlike Rasputin mixed with Svengali and seasoned with the bone dust in Jeffrey Dahmer's kitchen. But when she meets Donatello, she knows she's onto something. Not only will she be able to feed her hunger for power, but controlling a crime boss will allow her to indulge her bloodlust. And as her insanity spirals out of control, her hold on the Don grows stronger.