Creative Team

Al Kratina

Al Kratina stumbled into journalism while working at a video store that mixed porn and horror like a syphilis sore. It's an origin story that's helped him in his quest to become a writer with a distinctive style and a unique point of view.

With over four hundred print and online articles to his name, Al's work has appeared in major newspapers across the continent. Primarily focused on the underside of arts and entertainment, he's written about everything from comic conventions to ghost hunters to music that sounds like goblins dying of rabies.

He's also an award-winning filmmaker, whose short films have played around the world, appeared on DVD and, thanks to a seemingly loose international definition of copyright, featured repeatedly on Argentinean TV.

Al can frequently be seen as a guest CTV News Channel's Culture Shock pop culture panel, where his frequent references to black magic, bad drugs and B-movies irritate the producers to no end.

Inspired by the time he cracked his skull open on an IKEA CD shelf and started mis-remembering his days at the video store, 24 Hour Rental is Al's first foray into scripted television.