Creative Team

Frank Massa

You might call Frank Massa the emerging Quentin Tarantino of Montreal, Canada. Say it in Italian and he's liable to buy you a cappuccino. He's a hustler, an entrepreneur, an artist with a clear and practical vision. Massa's energy and inspirations have led some of Montreal's funniest creative talents, and bright lights from the city's business community, to work with him. He will inspire you too with his bold new ideas for the art of the motion picture as it lives today and in the years to come.

Massa's long history in the field of arts and entertainment began in Montreal's heady heavy metal days of the '80s. He may have retired his spikes and spandex, but his love for entertaining never left him. His subsequent professional experiences, notably in the video sales and rental market (the same "film school" from which Tarantino graduated with honours), inspired him to challenge the odds and create his first television series. The gritty but humorous 24-Hour Rental offered an unapologetic look at the seedy underworld of low-level crimes and the people who commit them, with a side order of lowbrow genre cinema lore. The series caught the attention of a Hollywood-Montreal production studio and is scheduled to hit the cable network Super Channel in February 2014, and features Michael Biehn of the hit films Terminator, Aliens and The Abyss.

Frank Massa continues to create and develop media projects that while rooted in the unshakable traditions of his craft - the well-told tale with engaging characters and distinctive ideas - also stake out exciting new terrain in the dynamic new media environment of our times.

Written by: Rupert Bottenberg