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Mike Smith

Mike Smith ("Mike") was born and raised in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. He started in the entertainment industry playing guitar and writing for the band, Sandbox, eventually signing a record deal with EMI in Canada and Nettwerk in the U.S. Nominated for a Juno Award, East Coast Music Awards and a Casby Award, Sandbox released two albums with EMI and Nettwerk . Bionic and A Murder In The Glee Club.

After disbanding in 1999, Mike began a career in the film industry as a sound mixer, eventually mixing the independent feature film, Trailer Park Boys. Mike was goofing around one day on set doing a character he had been doing for years, and it was decided to write the character into the Trailer Park Boys series. This was the birth of the loveable character Bubbles which has become a household name in Canada and beyond. As Bubbles, Mike has appeared in numerous music videos including The Tragically Hip's "The Darkest One", Snow's "Legal" and George Canyon's "Drinkin Thinkin" and has played numerous shows all over the world with Guns N' Roses dueting with legendary front man Axl Rose on the Bubbles-penned song "eLiquor And Whores"

Mike's other credits include Swearnet: The Movie, Super Channel's "24-Hour Rental", The Drunk And On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour, Call Me Fitz, Lloyd The Conqueror, Goon as well as appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and voice work on episodes of Archer and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.