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Tom Berry

Tom Berry began his career in the 1980's as a screenwriter and director and founded Montreal based Allegro Films, one of Canada's most successful and prolific entertainment companies. Mr. Berry was the Chief Executive Officer of Allegro Films, building its activities in production, distribution, and technical facilities. The company was sold in 1997 and its operations were integrated into Groupe Québecor.

In 2001, Mr. Berry founded Reel One Entertainment / Premiere Bobine, one of the leading international producers, distributors, and financiers of television movies, with offices in Beverly Hills, London, and Vancouver, and its head office in Montreal.

Mr. Berry has produced and executive produced more than one hundred and thirty movies and TV series in Canada and the United States, working extensively with broadcasters and distributors worldwide. He has also been a director and screenwriter. Some of Mr. Berry's credits include Crazy Moon, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Screamers, written by Dan O'Bannon (Total Recall, Alien), The Assignment, starring Aidan Quinn, Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley, and The Unsaid starring Andy Garcia.

Mr. Berry has been active in industry association and charitable activities and served as the chairman of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association. Mr. Berry received The Jack Chisholm Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, for lifetime achievement in the film and television industry.