Creative Team

Vlasta Vrana

I was born in Norway in 1950. My parents were young political refugees who had run for their lives from dangerous circumstances in Czechoslovakia. We came to Montreal, Canada when I was four years old. I started school in the city, and then we moved to Chateauguay, south of the city, for my teenage years. Montreal has always been my base, although I have usually lived in the country near by.

I will have been married to Susan, a sculptor and graphic designer for twenty-eight years. We have three children, all brilliant and beautiful. Our eldest son is a pilot with Air Inuit, and our younger son and daughter are in high school. We live with lots of animals in a big old house on the Ontario/Quebec border where we raise chickens and tomatoes.

I studied theatre at Sir George Williams University under Norma Springford, and work-shopped at the National Film Board with John Strasbourg. I've been a professional actor since 1973, when I joined ACTRA (Montreal ACTRA president for a couple unremarkable years) I am also a member of Canadian Actors' Equity and Union Des Artistes. I have appeared in about 200 films and television shows. I do a lot of voice work, with thousands of commercial voice-over, documentary, radio, animation, dubbing, industrial and AV credits. I started in the theatre, and I return to it, both to exercise that acting muscle, as well as for the sheer terror and joy of playing to a live, responsive audience. I have received a best performance nomination for the Canadian Film Awards (pre-Genie), won the "Best Performance" award at the Trenton (NJ) Film Festival, and in 2005 was given the "Award of Excellence" from Montreal ACTRA.