In a deviant gangster satire, petty criminals operate a shady video rental store. Forget about gallows humor, 24 Hour Rental is black comedy two weeks after the execution.

Episode 1 - Fingered by Fate

Tracker (Romano Orzari), a fallen Mafia boss, now operates a seedy video store as a front for a host of petty crimes-from fencing jewellery to peddling dope and illegal porn-all in hopes of returning to power. In the series pilot, Tracker receives a "friendly" visit from his old "colleague"" Khivisto (Vlasta Vrana), head of the Balkan crime family, reminding him of his debts. Back at the store, he makes a deal with a regular supplier and accidentally buys a human finger-along with a big diamond ring-then meets the next generation of Slavic satanists.